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The client who runs a horse stud business standing an imported Riding Pony already had a website done by me years ago and as technology has advanced rapidly and many people only accessing the web via their mobile phones, she needed a new mobile friendly version. But not any website would do as the business of breeding imported riding ponies has become very competitive in the Australian and New Zealand market.

We had a further look at the branding which seemed stale and didn’t demonstrate the brand anymore. We looked at the values of the breeding she offered and words that sprung to mind were luxury, enduring, proven and reliable. The breeding service of the stallion, Davidoff, was priced at a higher price bracket so it is in the more luxury market due to his direct relation to one of the best performing and well known sires in the world.

Davidoff has also proven himself over the years as being a reliable breeder (not only physically), but also his offspring constantly performed exceptionally well. His close relatives were also regularly proving their athletic and kind nature.

We chose a color scheme in the website that represented all the values. Black stands for luxury, red for attention (“here is something outstanding”) and the wooden background showed durability and reliability, a kind of earthiness.

Many websites are created the same with only a few differences in the header graphic and text (content), but to represent a brand perfectly, it is necessary to look at the whole picture so that every website visitor immediately feels what the brand is all about. The brand needs to match the “product”, in this case the stallion at stud.  But what about all the other things, like search engine optimization, that other webdesign companies preach?

We used WordPress, which is one of the easiest platform to be indexed by Google and employed search engine promoting plugins. With the keywords set in place it is easy to find this website in Google. Check it out.

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