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To engage with your target market in Social Media, Craig Cannings, Social Media guru and educator, has developed the PIC principle. The PIC principle stands for the ratio of Promotional – Informational – Conversational posts in your Social Media posts.

The ratio Craig recommends is the following:

Promotional: of all posts only 20% should be free offers, upcoming events, product launches

Informational: 40% of everything  you post should be blog posts, industry news, quotes and tips.

Conversational: 40% (questions and replies).

To sum this up:

Keep track of your promotional posts in Social Media. Social networking is mainly about sharing content, having conversations, but not inundating people with offers and sales conversation. Sales are not a taboo, they are necessary for your business, but offers should be more restrained, otherwise your followers will just block you or see you as a nuisance.

Information and learning new things from you is what most people expect from you, this is why they start following and connecting with you.

Social networking is about conversations, checking up on questions from your followers and responding to them. This makes or breaks your online relationships. If you never check if there are questions, it is easy to be seen as arrogant and something a robot would do, and not a human being.

Keep real, engage with your Social Media people and build meaningful relationships that lead to sales. You can’t force sales by not being available, yet bombarding your audience with a lot of offers.