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You see it on almost every Facebook business page: the “corporate voice” or the formal language that you might like in a business book, but that no one in real life likes. Why do so many business owners use it on their Facebook business page?

People, even B2B clients, like other people. No one connects with a robot. Bring the Social out in your blog posts and Social Media comments. People want to be conversational, see a personality and an authentic voice. When you use an impersonal voice, you go back to one-way communication, the sort of communications advertisements use: speaking at the customer with no engagement possible.

Social Networking has changed the way businesses speak to their target market in a two-way communication. A business on Social Media needs to embrace and encourage engagement and wants to connect, discuss and talk with their customers, not talk at them.

Another problem I often see is that the person who posts on Social Media profiles is a … company name. No one ever knows who is actually behind the company name. Is it the owner, is it the communications manager, is it the receptionist? Who is the voice behind the posts? Double up the dilemma of having no authentic voice in your posts, you are posting as an anonymous creature. Who wants to bond with a robot or a company name?

Social Media is that part of your business where you need to be personal to connect and engage. If you want to create a persona, then give this persona a name and a consistent message so that people get a grip at what kind of person he/she is. Make it sound authentic and stick with the persona and the “voice” you have created.

Another option is to post the writers first name, say your employee Sarah posts. After every comment ask Sarah to add her name, so that people it’s her who’s posting today. People connect with people, not with robots nor with company names.